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Ms. Nancy Lapidus Solowsky is a native of Newton, Massachusetts. She grew up always drawing and painting. Starting at a very young age with watercolor leading to oils, paper casting and acrylics. She took courses at the Museum school and worked with an acclaimed sculptress Arlene Hecht. Arlene owns her own Gallery 333 in Falmouth. She also is now working with Jayne Strunk a very talented and renowned water colorist. Nancy has a B.A. degree from NYU in Art History. She ran the arts and crafts department at River’s Day Camp for over 7 years. Included in her career is over 25 years of teaching art to young children.

She is now another “Grandma Moses” who found her passion late in life in the world of art and expression. Each work is from the heart and is unique and original a part of herself. She is trying to make a happy statement about how she views life with enthusiasm and hope for a better future.

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